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With a ever growing world we need to be vigilant in the way we write software.

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About Me

I am a software developer that enjoys challenges and strives to create reusable solutions while maintaining code standards and best practices.
With many years experience, I have found that there is always something new to learn and explore.


I am currently a .NET developer with Angular experience working with a large portion of the .NET technologies. With over 6 years experience I have learnt from many people and from personal mistakes, with a clear interest in better user experience I enjoy the full application workflow from front to back.

What I’ve worked on

I have worked on applications that have been external facing and internal facing with awesome team members. I have been a lead developer on a couple of projects and assist with department decisions with general standards like source control and documentation.

Side Projects

I have started a number of side projects and wish to finish my GIT commit application called Branches(GIT, HTML5, Electron, Angular 2, LibGIT) this year, but managed to do some side projects for the company that I currently work for.

I’m really good at

I am really good at API development and enjoy front end development.

What I’m looking to do next

I’d like to work on more mobile applications with scale in mind, as I enjoy the IT infrastructure space when working with applications architecture.


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