Lee-Roy Ashworth

Passionate developer, devoted husband, dedicated father, energetic trainer and sincere christian

About Me

I am a passionate developer that enjoys learning and enforcing standard methodologies of coding to help keep projects clean and lean. I started development on my own accord and because I am self-taught a sense of pride and ownership has developed over the years. You can find me on Git Hub and on Stack Overflow.

As part of a balanced life, I am a husband to a wonderful wife and father to two amazing children. If you use the YouVision app then you can view the plans that myself and my wife are doing on our Bible.com profile.

In my spare time when not being spent learning new technologies or methodologies or even practicing the ones that I do know, I spend my time in the gym. I have started a group on Bodybuilding.com called Iron Inc where discussions and helpful hints can be found with general motivational messages.

If I can squeeze some extra time I like to paint in oil colours and fabric paint designing T-Shirts which can be found on my Pinterest board : my-painting