Husband, father, full stack developer, audio book enthusiast, Docker Community Leader, GitKraken Ambassador and Jetbrains Rider promoter.
With the evolution of DevOps I try keep up with the current trends and offer on-site training, and presentations to try teach or inspire teams to take on the DevOps principles.
I create bespoke apps to help illustrate these DevOps principles to help showcase a practical example for companies/teams to see.

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Lee-Roy Ashworth - CV

An easy to read copy of my CV has been posted.

A part from coding and DevOps I enjoy creating different kinds of art. My portfolio can be found here on then Adobe Behance profile site.
I was a Docker Community Leader for a number of years, reach out to me and I can assist with Docker questions.
Working with Kubernetes is something that I find myself doing more often, and enjoy solving problems using this technology.

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